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SMUG Archives

Thanks to Gayle Spencer, I've been digging through the archives of the late Scott Spencer, former SMUG Treasurer who gave a lot of his time to our group and was one of the guys who kept it going through the years. I was able to update the archive page with quite a few old newsletters, which collectively are an amazing historical document of the development of the personal computer since the early 80s.

Meetings of SMUG

SMUG has not met since 2013. Many members now attend the regular meetings of SVMUG on the Google campus, usually on the 3rd Monday of the month. More info at svmug.org

Quicken at SVMUG

All lovers of the venerable Quicken program, most of whom are still using Quicken 2007, should be at Google Monday 21st March, 2016, to see two of the Quicken team demo Quicken 2016 and the new Quicken app. More info at svmug.org

Bryan Chaffin of The Mac Observer at SVMUG

Bryan Chaffin will be at the SVMug meeting at Google to present "Today's Apple in Context" He will examine some of the biggest issues swirling around Apple and put them into context. IsApple working on a car? Yes. Can Apple compete with Google Now? Not really. Is the Apple Watch a gotta-have device? Probably not. Is Apple getting too big for its corporate britches? Not by a long shot. These short answers are surrounded by a lot of baggage, and Bryan will offer his perspective based on 18 years of covering Apple. More info at svmug.org

New O'Reilly Partner Program

O'Reilly have a new partner program, replacing the old discount book program - now it's all about digital (webinars, training courses, ebooks, etc.). Here's their announcement:

"We're excited to let you know about the new O'Reilly Partner Program http://www.oreilly.com/partner/. As a partner, we give you regular content and ask that you share it with your members through mailings, newsletters, meeting announcements, and social media. We've phased out offering free print books and replaced it with digital content such as video training courses, webcasts, reports, and ebooks that we'd like you to share with your group.

We're still offering all of our partners a great discount on O'Reilly products and events and invite you to join the new program http://www.oreilly.com/partner/. If you've already signed up, then you're all set.

We know that many of you donate your time and we thank you for doing your part to make these important communities happen. We're happy to support you in these endeavors and look forward to working with you."

MacWorld magazine closes down

Charles Gousha of SVMUG has posted some info on thie sad demise of Macworld magazine:

"As some have heard, Macworld Magazine has made a major transition this week. Since some of these folks have been kind enough to present on various subjects at our SVMUG meetings, I thought a digest of known information would be useful.

Macworld Magazine has closed up shop as a magazine. The print edition will stop publication, as will the electronic editions on Newsstand, Xinio and others. The last issue will apparently be the November one, with a farewell statement in the front by exiting editor-in-chief Jason Snell.

TidBITS: Macworld Lays Off Staffers, Closes Print Edition
MacObserver: Goodbye to Macworld, but Not to Those Who Made it Great
Cult of Mac: Macworld magazine closes shop after 30 years in print

Macworld.com will continue to publish, but as a Mac news web page, similar to… well, similar to the ones listed above. The editorial staff has been largely let go, and the web site will instead rely on freelance journalists for most of its content.

The new editorial staff will consist of:
Jon Phillips — formerly of Mac|Life and Wired
Chris Breen — longtime Macworld Editor
Suzie Ochs — moved over from sister site TechHive
Leah Yamshon — also from TechHive
Caitlin McGarry — contributor made full-time

As for those folks previously working at Macworld Magazine…

Jason Snell — quit. His Clockwise podcast is moving to a new distributor, The Incomparable will continue, and he is starting a new podcast Upgrade.
Serenity Caldwell — quit/laid off. She’ll be working for iMore next month.
Roman Loyola, Dan Frakes, Dan Moren, Dan Miller, Philip Michaels — laid off. No info on what they’re doing next.

I expect that most of these folks will still be heard often on the podcast circuit. Many of them also have books published. I encourage you to find those books and purchase them, for the sake of the whatever residuals they may get from those purchases.

Macworld Magazine has been a cornerstone of the Mac community since its beginning more than 30 years ago. But as time has progressed, the Internet has done too good a job of offering news, commentary and community more rapidly than any print publication can approach. The one thing it offered better than anyone — thoughtful and considered analysis — has not been enough to keep it afloat.

I’d like to give a serious round of thanks to all of the departing staff at Macworld, plus their cohorts in years past that made the Magazine so central to the Mac community. Much of who we are came from them. I wish them the most in their new pursuits as they go on from here."

Charles Gousha leader - Silicon Valley Mac User Group
User group meetings 7pm, third Monday of each month


MacPhun photo editing software

Dan Hughes of MacPhun software will be at Google's Bodega Bay Tech Talk Room on Monday 19th May for the SVmug meeting. Macphun Software is quickly becoming a powerhouse in the photo post-processing realm. They have several of the top 13 photo editing apps in the Mac App Store. This special presentation for svmug will cover Macphun's three professional quality tools: Snapheal Pro, Intensify Pro, and Focus 2 Pro. These work as standalone photo editing applications or as plugins to Photoshop, Lightroom, and Aperture. Come along to learn the benefits of using this powerful yet simple software to get the most out of your photos. Also there - Dan Reed on cool HTML5 slideshows.

MacWorld 2014

Sorry to be a little late commenting on MacWorld (or MacWorld/iWorld!) this year. I must confess to being a little dosappointed at the exhibition floor - a lot of people gave rather lame excuses for why they were not here this year and I felt that the pickings were rather slim as a consequence. However, I did buy some stuff to help in my music career from Airturn (you want to be able to turn the page on your iPad without taking your hand off the guitar, right?), although I nearly missed them as they didn't have a booth but only a small stand in the Appaloosa section. I also got a free beer by downloading the Kamino app and following the route to the Thirsty Beer Brewing Company (great beers, by the way!). I'm going to check out this app when I'm in Chicago next month.

MacWorld 2
I know a lot of people who are keen on standing while working - sadly, I didn't win the raffle for this one, which was very popular. I guess I'll have to go on sitting at my desk for now,

MacWorld 3
Robotics are potentially cool, but not quite ready for prime time. I wasted precious hours waiting for the robotic segway to come down the corridor and roll right past me.

This was actually my favorite booth - see my ridiculous attempt to make a flip book here:


SMUG presenter Kevin McNeish had a good show talking about his book and video series on creating your own iPhone and iPad apps.


2014! Happy 30th Anniversary to the Mac!

Apple Anniversary Cake

October 21, 2013

There will be an SVMUG meeting at the Asilomar room in Building 1900 at Google tonight featuring Evernote - wish I could be there, because it's a cool & useful app. Meanwhile, here are some photos from the latest iPhone launch in Xi'an & Beijing, China (just in case you thought that the Chinese were not interested in iPhones any more, I can tell you that that this definitely not the case):
Xian, China
Beijing Apple Store
Beijing Apple Store 2
Beijing Apple Store 3

And the Steve Jobs movie is out in Beijing, too(maybe it's more credible in Mandarin):
Steve Jobs movie

SMUG Newsletter Archives

In the absence of meetings, I have not been idle, as I fired up my time machine to go all the way back to December 1984 in the SMUG archives, reading (and scanning) every newsletter I could find in the many folders & boxes bequeathed to me by previous board members. Of course, I had other motives, such as actually being able to park the car in the garage, but it turned out to be a fascinating journey through Mac (& SMUG) history. You can check it out on our Archive page. And, if any members can trace the missing copies, or still have them (check out your attic or garage!) we'd love to fill in the gaps in our history - for some reason, you'll see that all of 2000 is missing, along with substantial parts of 2001, 1991, 1990, and a few random months elsewhere. It would be great to have a full count!

June 4th 2013

Unfortunately, our presenter has had to cancel so the June 4th meeting has been canceled, too. Watch this space for more information on upcoming presentations and check out our newsletter here.

February 4th 2013 MacWorld/iWorld roundup

Let's hope we all get to meet up at some point at the 3 days of fun, facts & festivities now known as MacWorld/iWorld. We'll be debriefing from the event(s) -not certain what we'll be bringing, but there'll be facts, there'll be presentations, there'll be the usual prizes to raffle off. See you there!

December 10th 2012

Among other things (did I hear pumpkin pie?), Apple iOS writer, developer & trainer KevinMcNeish will be joining us virtually from the East Coast to helpus unleash our own inner iOS Developer: based on the maturity of the latest iPhone and iPad App development tools released by Apple, it's finally within the reach of non-programmers to get into the rewarding work of App development. In this session you will see a demonstration of Apple's Xcode tools as an App is built while you watch. You will be amazed at how much you can do initially without writing any code. After a prototype App is built, you will see how you can learn the basic principles of Apple's Objective-C programming to create a fully functioning real-world App and unleash the programmer within! Kevin will be offering both a free copy of the first book in his new book series, "Book 1: Diving In", to raffle at the meeting (it's available on the iBookstore for the iPad or on Amazon for the Kindle (or any other device with the Kindle Reader App) as well as a discount on his January class: iOS App Development for Non-Programmers.

Wahta else? The usual seasonal goodies - pumpkin & pecan pie to eat plus some shareware to divulge and goodies from TopXNotes and Peachpit Press to raffle off!

October 2012

Smuggers may be relaxing at the Mac Expo in Petaluma this month( see our last post), but there are other events coming up as well, not least David Pogue's webcast on his reaction to Mountain Lion and the new iPhone 5. Those of you who don't have other things to do, or can get out of them, can tune in to the webcast on October 11 at 10AM Pacific Daylight Time - sign up here: http://event.on24.com/r.htm?e=519018&s=1&k=6CE55D0549E16854B449E9AB39858825

Those members of the group intertested in diving in to creating their own iOS apps may be interested in the free book by Kevin McNeish aimed at helping new developers writing for the iPhone and iPad - it's available free at the iTunes store or at the website http://www.iOSAppsForNonProgrammers.com on Oct 10 & 11.

Meanwhile, as promised, Apple in China:
Apple Store Beijing Apple Store Beijing
Apple Store Beijing
Apple reseller Apple Resellers
Apple resellers were a lot more common than actual Apple stores
Apple Store Shanghai Apple Store Shanghai
Shanghai had the coolest Apple Store
iPad Ad
Apple ads are pretty much the same whatever the language-this was on the Shanghai metro

Summer 2012

SMUG is on hiatus over the summer - watch for messages from Shanghai & Beijing coming soon! Meanwhile, if you're missing the Mac User interaction, you might want to think about attending the upcoming Mac Expo in Petaluma. The 19th annual Macintosh Computer Expo offers 15+ booths and a dozen informational sessions about applications, productivity, and entertainment on the Apple platform. Software and accessories are available for try-out and purchase at the booths. Speakers include noted Mac authorities Christopher Breen, Derrick Story, and Tom Negrino. Sessions include Parenting in the Internet Age, Getting Creative with Photoshop, Ditch Paper, Go Digital, Get Roaring with Mountain Lion, Online Reputation Management and much more.

MCE 2012

May 7th, 2012

SuperSync will be here - learn how to manage you iTunes library across multiple computers! And we'll have Shareware and the chance to win Audio Hijack Pro and more!

March 12, 2012 Sandvox

Dan Wood from Karelia software will be here to talk about the latest version of their Sandvox website creator, a great alternative to iWeb now that MobileMe is about to disappear. Also, we'll have a variety of Shareware - photo apps and more - and some debriefing from this year's MacWorld Expo.

January 9, 2011 NO meeting

No meeting this month, but check out the newsletter for more info and.......see you at MacWorld!

December 5, 2011 MacSparky & Party!

Dave Sparks, aka MacSparky, blogger, podcaster & author will be here, in all-digital format, to talk about how to more efficiently get through some of the things you do most on your Mac: Writing and tackling your inbox; his new iPad book; and other related issues. Plus our famed end-of-year party and Santa's Smug giveaways.

November 7, 2011 iChat, Final Cut - the final cut?

We'll be attempting our first presentation via iChat this week, exploring some of the sometimes weird capabilities of the well used app. Plus, in the wake of the debacle over the "new" Final Cut, reminiscent of what happened when Apple brought out a new version of iMovie that took away many of the well-loved capabilities of the older version in the name of making it more user-friendly for the mass consumer, Nico Bellamy looks at what the fuss is all about there, demoing a few things, even showing the odd movie or two (they may be very odd indeed - you'll see what film students get up to when they get their hands on university equipment). And of course, we have Owen Saxton with shareware and we'll be giving away books on Steve Jobs, Lion and more!

For those of you who missed David Pogue's webinar on OS X Lion, it's available here, including all the technical hiccups!

And, I almost forgot, it's election time - see the latest newsletter for details.


So long, Steve, and thanks for all the insanely great stuff

Steve JobsThere have been many tributes to Steve in the past few days, but one that speaks to me the most of the impact he made on all our lives is an article David Pogue wrote for MacWorld back in January 1998 - as he says, it seems to resonate now. It helps if you've ever seen the movie "It's A Wonderful Life".

Of course Pogue wrote his NY Times column on Steve this week as well. And there's a nice tribute from onetime Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki at CNET here.









Some scenes outside the Palo Alto Apple Store:

PA Apple Store Steve Jobs Tribute
Steve Jobs Tribute Steve Jobs Tribute

October 3, 2011 Lost in the iCloud

Mobile Me QuestionOne of the many questions raised by the imminent demise of Apple's MobileMe service relates to photo and video hosting. Where will we put our photos and videos now, not to mention our data and blogs and webpages of other kinds we've happily got used to using Apple's all-encompassing service for the last few years?

In this month's meeting we explore some alternatives - Yahoo's Flickr, Google's Picasa, SmugMug & Vimeo amongst them, and try to come up with some recommendations. Plus there'll be Shareware and a raffle of handy new guides to Apple's latest OS, the sometimes alarming Lion.





September 12, 2011 Steve Shepard with Storyist

Labor DayNo meeting on September 5th, of course - on September 12th Steve Shepard will be here with the latest iteration of his Novelist & Screenwriters development tool Storyist for all budding storytellers out there, now available for the iPad! Plus the usual Q & A, Shareware and software raffle.











August 8, 2011 The Lion Wakes Tonight

Mac OS LionThis month's meeting of SMUG will be on the 2nd Monday of the month as a result of a conflict with a SLAC conference taking place this week. So on Monday 8th August we'll be discussing the new version of Apple's OS X - Lion, or 10.7, how it works with the apps you've already got, or not, how it complements your iPhone & iPad in ways you may or may not like, what's new and cool (or is different from what you already know and like), etc. And of course, Q & A, Shareware & cool giveaways.







July 11, 2011 Keeping Your Identity & Your Stuff (and your Mac) Secure

Of course, the first Monday of the month is the 4th, when you'll all be attending a much louder event, so SMUG is moved to the 2nd week of the month once again.

This month we've got SMUG member Phil Geller on the hardy perrenial of computer and internet security, looking at AgileBits iPassword app - and there will be prizes! - as well as Shareware, Q & A and more - see the newsletter for details.

June 6, 2011 Bebo White takes a journey through the future of HTML

Why the Excitement About HTML? SLAC Emeritus, acclaimed Mac speaker, Jug Band aficionado & genuine ploymath Bebo White will explain.

"with the development of HTML5, Abode Flash is no longer necessary to watch video or consume any kind of Web content" - Steve Jobs, "Thoughts on Flash," April 2010

"Microsoft is announcing a new shift that leverages the interest in HTML5 to deliver 'Web-connected and Web-powered' apps that will run alongside legacy Windows apps on the forthcoming Windows 8" - AppleInsider, June 2011

"There's something happening here. What it is ain't exactly clear." - Stephen Stills, "For What It's Worth"

Plus Q & A, Shareware from Dave Aston & a raffle of helpful bookware.

May 9, 2011

Yes, May 9, as SLAC will have pagan maypole dancing or something on May 2. Steve Bellamy will demo iPhone and iPad Obsessive apps for Photo Editing and more (no Angry Birds, we promise!). Plus Shareware for larger computers, and great raffle prizes!

April 4, 2011 Steve Rokov from Splashtop

Enjoy all that your computer has to offer – remotely from your mobile devices. With Splashtop® Remote, you can fully access and control your PC in any way imaginable. Access your full iTunes™ or Windows® Media library to watch videos and play music stored on your PC. Play online Flash, as well as PC and Mac games. Work on your computer documents, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, from your tablet or smartphone.
Plus Q & A, Shareware from Dave Aston and our raffle of both software and bookware.

March, 2011

Reports of SMUG's death were fortunately much exaggerated, and SLAC is allowing us back to the Redwood Room. However, we've learned this too late to organize a meeting this month - our next meeting will instead be on April 4. Watch this space for details! Meanwhile, Chuck Joiner's MUG Calendar has us reprising last year's meeting with Bill Atkinson on March 8 - we wish, but it's not happening!

February 14, 2011

Our first meeting of the new year will be our last at SLAC, so we're giving ourselves arousing sendoff from the Redwood Room with things we learnt at MacWorld, while our presenter Cocoatech will show Path Finder, a file browser for the Macintosh with such cool innovations as the dual pane browser, tabs and bookmarks, and file list sorting and editing, and we have prizes galore to give away in our raffle.

January 2011

Giants-DeadOwing to the holidays and the difficulty of booking the Redwood Room for a later day, there will be no SMUG meeting in January. Don't forget MacWorld Expo Jan 26-29 at the SF Moscone Center - hope to see you there! If not, our next meeting will be on Monday February 14, 2011 (watch this page for details, and/or of course wait for our monthly newsletter.)






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